Harlem is the melting pot of music and arts of Africanism. Apollo theater, right in the heart of Harlem has been the biggest stage many stars of the past and today has seen their light of fame.

Americans. Known for the high population of African American migration in the early 1900s. Harlem has birthed some of the major historical African American artistry America has yet seen. Jazz music, Blues, Pop, Bebop and many other musical genres and stars call Harlem home.

As a landmark of Harlem, The Apollo theater has been estimated to have seen over 1.3 million visitors yearly. Since 1918, Harlem has been the center stage for African cultural movement accompanied with cycles of economic booms. Harlem is known for its renaissance, rooted with social, intellectual and artistic expressions of African Today, while Harlem is experiencing effects of gentrification, good or bad, it still remains the center stage for artistic expressions. HIPLIFE being an evolvement of such artistic expressions, becoming the new global sensation. HIPLIFE FESTIVAL celebrates the heritage while continuing to set the stage for the next generation yet to come.


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