HIPLIFE is a way of life, a lifestyle. Like Hip Hop, Hiplife is more than a genre of music with its roots name derived from HI-LIFE music of Ghana, West Africa.

 It’s style of afrobeats, afro pop and funk, induced with rap music fused with fashion and the culture of the people of Africa. HIPLIFE has no limitation to its root or origin, scope of music, fashion and style.  HIPLIFE like any culture continues to evolve beyond Africans and has become a global Sensation. AFROBEATS have taken a center stage, globally.  The culture, the style, the dance has become a worldwide phenomenon.  

HIPLIFE FEST  celebrates the culture of HIPLIFE, its rhythm of Afrobeats and its people around the world with syndicated festivals in various cities, creating a platform to  highlight the diversity, of the culture and various emerging and established talent.


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