The Cause

While HIPLIFE FEST will be celebrating culture and diversity through music, arts, fashion and the likes, It mainly used as a platform to promote awareness. It supports a vital cause through the VISION 2020 CAMPAIGN of The RESCUE PROJECT. The RESCUE PROJECT is a non-profit subsidiary of HAVEN HANDS Inc,, a 501(c)3 organization aimed at providing clean water and sanitation for over 200 million individuals worldwide by raising $20 million for the cause. With a genuine passion for protecting the health and well-being of those deprived of necessities throughout the world, The Rescue Project uses its pillars of pure altruism and dedication to increase the supply of safe water and ensure healthy eyesight by the year 2020.  Conveniently named, “The 2020 Vision Campaign,” The RESCUE PROJECT believes that by increasing the access to such a simple element of life such as water can change the lives of millions.

The organization is a brainchild of Resk ‘Que, birthed out of his passion to give back. Through his experience living in, Ghana, West Africa as a child, he gained firsthand knowledge of what it means to have no access to clean water and the dangers of eye health issues by being raised by a mother with eye problems that could have been easily prevented with proper treatment.


The program is aimed towards Sub-Saharan African countries, but upholds an objective to advocate for healthy drinking water in Asia, the Caribbean, East Europe, Latin America, and everywhere else that clean drinking water is scarce.


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